Delhi Police to take action against Dhinchak Pooja But NOT for her Songs

dhinchak-pooja-new-song- dilon ka shooter hai mera scooter

The whole India is currently under the Dhinchak Pooja Hangover as you can do whatever you want but you simply cannot ignore her. Friends use her songs as a blackmailing tool as anyone misbehaves, he becomes a victim to her songs. People have downloaded her songs not because they are in love with the songs (except some of them ?) but to use them at the time when someone teases them.

The not-so-deserved-stardom started with the song ‘Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj’ which challenged some of the all time Bollywood hit’s like ‘Gore Gore naughty naughty round round Tooh’ ? The Hangover was still not over and the next song was released stating Releasing on Public Demand. The song is called ‘Dilon ka shooter’ One thing that gushes into the mind is that either there are secret admirers of her who are demanding songs who probably are admiring her secretly for one sole reason of not getting shot by other people :p & other public can be the public created in her mind.

Dilon Ka Shooter, Hai Mera Scooter Dhinchak Pooja Song

We have seen people getting worst nightmares of Dhinchak Pooja’s Fanbase getting ahead of Virat Kohli fans. How terrible things people have started visualizing even in their minds. This is the utter hatred or you can say blackmailing love towards Dhinchak Pooja which has caused her something that’s not good. Delhi Police will be taking action against Dhinchak Pooja not for the songs that have helped people for blackmailing their friends on their misbehavior but for not wearing a helmet when her latest song ‘Dilon Ka Shooter, Hai Mera Scooter’ was shot.

Dhinchak Pooja Police Action

So, people were irritated by her songs & literally went through the phase of disastrous depression when she said the song was released on “popular demands”. One such person just tagged Delhi Police in one of the tweets asking to take action against her for not wearing a helmet. Oh Yes, this is the reason why she might get into the news again for getting fined. She might be found with the cops for roaming on the roads on her scooter and disobeying safety rules by not wearing a helmet.

This is the tweet by a frustrated Indian.

Delhi Police replied him with this tweet.

The guy replied with the area and time in this tweet

Finally, Delhi Police replied with the tweet

But Delhi Police very well know what she is famous for and they also have listened to her songs for which they must have undergone with the feeling of wrath for this girl. One might think that Police might not fine her for breaking the rules as they as a human would also be under the threat of – she start singing the song live in front of them. But that’s a human tendency and this can happen.

We know our Police system is strong and they take timely actions against rule breaching and no fame can stop them even if its the internet fame Dhinchak Pooja.

Let’s not expect any new Dhinchak Pooja song at least anywhere soon but believe it or not, her songs have definitely become a tool which we can use for getting saved from our friends. Do you agree?


Disclaimer: The post is written in a sarcastic & humorous tone, we have no intentions of hurting anyone’s sentiments.



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