There are a few things, with which you could guess if your relationship is really a love or it’s just lust.  As per the research, today’s youth is falling in love with the beauty and not soul.  But again, it could be the true love or can be the lust. Let’s figure it out here. We are living in the decade where we can’t finger on what’s right and what’s wrong. We prefer to ‘go with the flow’ and let the life take its twist and turns. But if you think for the long run, you must figure out if you love is really a love or it’s just a lust.

You must understand that thin line between love and lust. If you could figure it out, it’s better for yourself to distinguish in the very initial phase.

Anyway, if you haven’t figured it out yet, let’s check out here if your relationship weighs more on the love side or the lust side, you need to read this article and decide for yourself.

Calls & TextsHow to figure out if your relationship based on Love or Lust - Text or call

This is the very basic differentiating point, what you can talk on call or texts. If you can talk for hours about anything and everything then it’s love. But you should know it’s lust when your conversation consists of things like ‘your place or mine?’ 

Having a Future

Have you ever thought about your future with your partner? Can you imagine him/her with you till your last breath? If yes, it’s nothing but a true love.  If you barely think about him/her on the whole day and can manage time only at night for the naughty stuff, it’s 100% lust.

Involving ParentsHow to figure out if your relationship based on Love or Lust - Involving Parents

If you are open to telling your parents about your relationship and you are not afraid of it, then it’s love, love, and only love. But when you are trying to avoid telling your parents about your relationship and you let this relation run as it is going. Then it’s nothing but pure lust.

Public appearances

How to figure out if your relationship based on Love or Lust Public Appearance

When you are in true love, it’s no big deal to spend time and hang out with your partner. In fact, you’d love to flaunt each other out and would even find it cute to hold hands while strolling on the streets. But if your partner tries to avoid public roaming, hang out together etc. and try to get in touch with you online more than in reality. Then you should understand it’s lust only.


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