Julie 2 Movie Review & Rating| Julie 2 Box Office Collection

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Julie 2 Movie Review & Rating| Julie 2 Box Office Collection: Julie 2 is thriller Bollywood movie with few adult scenes. The sequel of movie Julie (2014) it was signed by south Indian popular actress Raai Laxmi in 2005. The storyline of the movie is ‘A simple girl rises to be a big star, but the story of her success is not without it’s dark side.’ Director, producer, and writer of this movie is Deepak s. Shivdasani. No one expecting too much from this movie, read on Julie 2 movie reviews and rating to know the reason.

Julie 2 Movie Review & Rating

The posters and trailer itself say the movie will be having few adult and erotic scenes and that would be the only attractive aspect for the viewers. There is nothing much more to expect from this movie. There is nothing good to watch, The story is not even the good one. People will go the theatre just to watch hot scenes from Julie 2 and nothing more than that. I don’t know why they produce such movie as the current generation is not at all interested in the erotic movie as they all need thrill, action, and romance.

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The first movie Julie from 2004, the opening box office collection was INR 46,262,000 (India) and gross box office collection was INR 87,584,000 (India) which was not so expected. Now the sequel of Julie will be on big screen soon and ratings are not so satisfying.

Raai Laxmi replaced Neha this time and has done a great job in this movie. Julie 2 is her debut Bollywood movie and she has given her 100%. Though the story of this movie is not up to the mark. Bollywood still struggling for the best stories and hope they will achieve one day. Julie 2 movie ratings are like this and we are waiting for the public reviews and rating. We will update the article with the latest information. Stay tuned with us and get the updated Julie 2 review and ratings.

Few people are sad with the story of this movie while I have observed few happy as Neha got replaced with Raai Laxmi. Many of them are still hoping for the best but my personal review for this movie will be like it is not the optimal movie. Adding some hot and erotic scenes won’t be useful for attracting current youth generation.

Julie 2: Reasons to watch the movie

  • Good camera work by the crew
  • Good editing even in the worst storyline.
  • Average cast and crew.

Julie 2: Reasons not to watch the movie

  • Worst story plot like we have discussed above.
  • Below than average direction.
  • No comments on the screenplay and other directional related work.

Julie 2 Rating

heartbroken Julie come to Mumbai to make a living, but the fast-moving city will force her to take prostitution as her profession. So everyone rated this movie as per their storyline, acting etc.

Rating 4.3/10 (According to IMDB)

Julie 2 Rating

What’s the potential of Julie 2? How much can this movie make money at Box Office collection? Let’s check out here.

Julie 2 Box Office Collection

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