Sarahah Hack- How to reveal Sarahah user on Sarahah Exposed

Sarahah Exposed real or fake

Few months ago, a person invented an app where you can convey your message to anyone anonymously. But is it really keep your information private? Or is there any software which can reveal Sarahah user? Get your all ans here, read on.

Before knowing about Sarahah Exposed, lets discuss whats Sarahah and how it words? Some guy from Afghanistan who wished to talk with their friends without knowing his identity. So he made an app that hides your identity and let you talk with people. The person can get your message but he/she will not be able to know who was the sender. The app was going viral and so was ranking up in the app store. People started using it and loving it. After few days, people started getting unwanted messages as it was completely anonymous. No one can find who was talking and it is the biggest drawback of Sarahah.

As Sarahah getting viral on social media, Everyone started sharing their screenshots and feeling like people being nice to them while few of them are getting really creepy messages in Sarahah inbox. Everyone started hating this creepy thing but also enjoying because they are able to say something anonymously what they cannot talk on face. This is the best way for confessing their heart and mind but there is most serous drawback of Sarahah app.

Folks started responding the app as they are getting unrealistic messages and they can’t even identify who sent message in Sarahah. As soon this news gone viral, many of them started spreading other news that someone has invented one new app and that can let you know the real face behind that anonymous Sarahah message. And the app is called Sarahah Exposed.

How to reveal Sarahah user on Sarahah Exposed

When you have been together from years the is very easy to get whose Sarahah message is this. But when you can’t predict whose message is this in the Sarahah inbox and you are desperate to know that person as you have got something very special messages or it might be a creepy one. There are many websites that says that they can disclose the real identity of the person who is sending message as anonymously. In between these, Sarahah Exposed is the one website who confidently say that you can get the sender’s username. Such websites who claims that they can expose the user of Sarahah, are really FAKE. No one can find the username of Sarahah user.

As you know the Sarahah is one way communication service where you can get the message from your all friends but you will not be able to reply them as you will never who who is Sarahah user?

How Sarahah Exposed works?

The website that claims to expose Sarahah username, works on very simple basis. If really don’t show your the real user but in the first they will show you a welcome message which states that you can use this service as many time you want and its completely free. The term FREE and Unlimited usage makes people greedy and everyone proceed to next step.

This site will force you to download any two apps or to complete 1 survey. Now this is really creepy what I feel. There are options to download app, games or play contest. Now the funny part, Even if you download few apps, download few games or liked certain Facebook pages, and come back to that page and you see nothing has been changed and you come to know that it was all scam.

Sarahah has declared in this Privacy and Policy that it does not “sell, trade, rent or disclose any information to any third party out of this website or sites out of our network”. Beware of these scam website. spread awareness, spread article.

Conclusion: Sarahah is anonymous one way messaging service and there is no other such websites/Apps that can reveal the identity of Sarahah user. No one can know who is Sarahah sender or Sarahah Anonymous sender. Sarahah Exposed is a scam website which claims to expose Sarahah sender/ user. Sarahah Exposed is FAKE.


  1. But I think there should be something which exposes sarahah senders because some people are taking advantage of this app and bullying others crossing all limits so I really wish there’s an app or something to expose those filthy bullies soon.


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